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What is CloudVR?

Download the CloudVR App for iOS or Android devices.

What is the CloudVR?

CloudVR is the perfect combination of hardware and software as an introduction to the world of Virtual Reality.

CloudVR brings the user into the virtual world by giving them control of what they see in the projected world. The combination of the VR viewer and the users head movements/gestures controls their viewpoint. Get immersed in the environment of a 3D video or 360-degree photo by simply moving your head to explore the surroundings.

CloudVR allows you to store and stream 3D and standard videos, as well as 360-degree photos. Store the media on the PocketCloud and stream it through the CloudVR app on your phone. You can also download 3D/Virtual Reality apps on your phone to view and interact with using CloudVR.

Take stunning 360-degree panoramic photos with the CloudVR app and view them with the VR headset for the most immersive way to view your photos.

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View VR Videos wirelessly

Store your VR videos on your PocketCloud and stream them wirelessly to your phone and VR headset.

View 360° Photos in VR

Get immersed. View stunning 360° panoramic shots of places you've been or places you'd like to go.

Capture 360° Photos

Capture the moment. Take a 360° photo of your vacation or during a special event and relive it on your CloudVR.

Access VR content libraries

Extend your library and watch online VR videos or download VR apps with CloudVR.

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Help and Support

Getting Started

1. Download the CloudVR App

CloudVR is available for iOS and Android. Start by downloading the CloudVR App from your device's app store. You can click on the links provided or search for "CloudVR" in the your device's respective store.

iOS | Android

2. Connecting to PocketCloud

First turn on your PocketCloud. Next, go to the Settings on your smartphone or tablet. Find your WiFi Settings. Wait for your PocketCloud to show up as a network. Connect with password: 12345678 (You can change this later) Once connected, head over to the CloudVR App.


3. Welcome to your CloudVR App

This is the main screen of CloudVR. Here you have quick access to your VR videos, 360° photos, the 360° Cloud Cam and VR Extras. The 360° Cloud Cam allows you to take 360° photos and directly store them onto your PocketCloud.

Playing VR Videos

1. Open your VR Videos folder

From the main screen, tap on Media, and then tap on VR Videos to access the folder on your PocketCloud.

2. VR Video Browsing

Browse through the various sample VR videos included, or your own videos.

3. Placing your phone in the VR headset

When you start playing a VR video, you will be prompted to place your phone in the VR headset. Simply, unhook the flap, press the buttons on the sides to extend the chassis, and finally close the flap around your phone and re-hook the flap at the top of the chassis. While playing, press the button once to pause/play and tap twice to skip to the next video.

Using 360° Cloud Cam

1. Open 360° Cloud Cam

You can find the 360° Cloud Cam feature on the main screen. With this camera, you take several photos at multiple angles and CloudVR stitches them together to create a 360° panoramic image that you can view in your VR headset.

2. Capturing your 360° Photo

Hold your phone vertically until the Red dot turns Green. Tap to start capturing. Rotate yourself and the camera to bring the 2 symbols together. After a successful capture, the Symbols will separate and you will have to join them again to capture the next angle of your panoramic photo. Continue rotating until you are satisfied with the area that you captured. Tap to stop.

3. Viewing your 360° Photos

You can capture the full 360° of your environment or just a portion depending on how many photos you take. You can view your 360° Photos in the Media section on the main screen. You can use the VR headset to dive right into the photo as if you were there. Tap the button once to go to the next photo.

VR Extras

1. VR Extras

Beyond your VR videos and your 360° photos, you can access a vast library of VR apps located on your smartphone's app store. You can also use the VR headset to view VR videos directly on YouTube. Your PocketCloud will require you to connect to the Internet to use these features.

2. Connecting to the Internet

Begin by finding the Connect to the Internet option in the menu on the main screen. Next you will hit the Scan for Wi-Fi button. This will bring up all the nearby Wi-Fi networks. Check the Wi-Fi settings and input your Wi-Fi password. The PocketCloud will reset to apply the new Internet settings. You may need to reconnect to PocketCloud in your phone's Wi-Fi Settings.

3. VR Apps

Ride a roller coaster, explore a haunted house, or fly through space. These are just a few examples of the type of VR apps that are available to download onto your smartphone.

3. YouTube VR Videos

Expand your VR video library by browsing the VR videos on YouTube. Use the VR headset to watch any VR-supported video indicated with a Google Cardboard icon.


The CloudVR app is not working properly.

Try force quitting the CloudVR app.

iOS: Double tap the home button and swipe up to force quit the app.

Android: Tap the Task Switcher button and swipe left or right to force quit.

If problems persist, try restarting your phone or reinstalling the latest version of the app.

I can't connect my device to CloudVR while charging.

You might be in Transfer Mode. Check the LED lights to ensure that Wi-Fi mode is on. If you are not, press the Power Button to switch modes.

How do I reset my CloudVR?

If you are having some issues with your device, you can try resetting your CloudVR by holding onto the Power Button for 3 seconds and then letting go. Once the lights turn off, you can now turn your CloudVR back on.

I am having problems with the Wi-Fi connection.

If you are having connection problems, there is a pinhole on the side of your CloudVR device that will reset the Wi-Fi configuration. Use a thin object such as a paperclip to reset the reset button. Your device name and password will be reset to default after the device restarts.

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